interior design

•consultation:understand your ideas and dreams
•graphic presentations
• concept design
• sourcing










•designRoom Layout
•Room Plans
• FF&E
• Bespoke furniture
•Furniture Supply
•Bespoke Construction (Joinery) Carpet Installation
•Wood Flooring Installation, Curtain Manufacture and Installation
•Lighting design









• Extension, maintenance, restructuring, conservation of different kind of residential buildings.
• Supervising and assistance on sites
• Planning, surveying and measuring.
• Architectural layout – Architectural Details
•Planning Consent Procedure
•Plumbing & Electrical Installation
•General Building Construction
•Stucco Repair/Maintenance & Decorate
•Tiling (Ceramic & Stone) Insulation/Sound Proofing (Residential) Decorating
•Budget contro


• 2D CAD drawings
• 3D visuals and rendering (external and internal)
• Video









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